I’m Banting my Ass off

I’m Banting my Ass off

And it seems to be working! I’ve been overweight for most of my life and been on just about every diet imaginable… even that horrid cabbage soup diet where all I did was blow up and blow wind.

Then I found and read The Real Meal Revolution by Professor Tim Noakes, a South African just like me. Well this way of eating… this new lifestyle… is taking South Africans by storm. There are so many sites popping up and great support groups on Facebook. Inspiration is everywhere to be found.

I did my research in December and January and prepared myself by reading peoples’ stories, recipes, blogs, posts and on 26 January 2015 I started Banting and I’ve never looked back. By 2 March 2015 I’d already lost 9kg. Wow it’s a lot I know. I have a lot of weight to lose so it’s a great start… just another 30 or 40kgs to go… *sigh* it sounds insurmountable reading that doesn’t it? Well I’ll just do 10kgs at a time. I’m almost at my first goal.

Some of the Banting recipes are a hit with my kids, especially the youngest, Josh. He’s a fan of tasting all kinds of food and he loves his veggies so I test all my foods on him. He always wants more.

I’m keeping focused on the main goal, which is my health. Last year was one of my worst years health-wise and after having extensive blood tests done, the doctor could find nothing wrong. There and then I decided that I had to change my way of eating. All the bad things I was putting into my body was not good for me. For 37 years I’ve eaten badly. If I want another 37 years of life with my children then I need to start looking after the body I have. My children are my main inspiration.

I will admit, I have a slight bit of a cheat every now and then. I won’t cut out carbs forever, but he spoons of sugar I definately do not miss! Only that slice of decadent cheesecake… mmmm. How about that for a 10kg loss prize? 🙂


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