60 Arb Yet True Things About Me

I have always wanted to do a list like this and I had to force myself to stop at 60. So who knows, perhaps I’ll add on more in time to come. 🙂

1. I will turn 34 years old on the 12th October 2011
2. I have 2 sons, Matthew and Joshua
3. My nails are quite soft and never grow very long
4. I am overweight and wish I could lose even just half of what I need to lose.
5. I have depression and take Depramil once a day for it
6. I have sleep apnea and don’t take anything for it as my ex broke my C-Pap machine
7. I love cheese, mushrooms, pasta, steak, seafood, pizza, bunny chows, samoosas, veggies
8. I hate mussels, broccoli, Brussell sprouts and asparagus
9. I love the colours blue, pink and silver
10. My parents divorced when I was almost 3 years old
11. I have 2 brothers, one older and one younger than me
12. I’m loyal and will never tell your secrets to anyone else
13. I wear my heart on my sleeve
14. I am fascinated by serial killers. I will read up on them whenever I have time
15. I am right-handed and also eat with my fork in my right hand
16. I like watching rugby and F1
17. I snore, really loud, and I hate that I snore really loud
18. I used to body board as a teen and then surfed as well, I was better at body boarding though
19. I got into the alternate/goth scene in my later teen years and I absolutely loved it
20. I went into the dance/clubbing scene in my 20’s, before I fell pregnant in 2003
21. I love a lot of music from many different genres
22. I really adore reading, especially fantasy/romance/erotica
23. I currently sleep on the left side of the bed
24. I am quite patient and tolerant of people, except when I’m pregnant or PMS-ing
25. I love baking and trying out new recipes
26. I love eating out at restaurants
27. I really love watching movies, especially horrors and thrillers
28. Chick flicks make me cry
29. Watching my sons when they sleep makes my heart swell with pride and awe
30. I love deeply and give my all in a relationship
31. I love kissing and hugging
32. My Dad was English and my Mom is Afrikaans, however I went to English schools
33. I don’t smoke
34. I carry Panado tablets in my bag for when I get a pain in my brain
35. I have to listen to music, often, it keeps me happy
36. I like stationery… different colour pens and pretty paper to write on
37. I don’t take vitamins and I really should
38. I love the beach
39. I really enjoy going to a braai or just having a braai at home
40. I’m learning to make my own fire for braais
41. I take a size 8 shoe and am 1.74m tall
42. I have beeeeg boobs which sometimes get in the way
43. I’ve had 2 elective caesarean sections
44. I love snuggling with pillows and a duvet, the feel of the linen does things to me
45. I feel temperature changes easily, I get hot quickly and I get cold quickly
46. I like coffee and can’t stand tea
47. I don’t have my driver’s license
48. My favourite flowers are tulips
49. I dye my own hair, usually dark browns and reddish browns
50. I have green eyes, same as my Mom and Dad and brothers
51. I wanted to be a forensic pathologist
52. I’m a single mom
53. I have always dreamt of living in England
54. One day I’d like to go to America to see New York, Disney Land, Universal Studios, NASA, etc
55. I get nervous when flying in an aeroplane
56. I wish I had more confidence
57. I like silver or white gold or platinum jewellery
58. I like hair clips that catch my fancy
59. I love British humour
60. I have a very warped sense of humour and often open my mouth to change feet


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