Happy to the 8th birthday my Matthew!

Happy to the 8th birthday my Matthew!

A very heartfelt birthday wish to my firstborn son, Matthew, who turns 8 years old today. Well, to be precise, at 12:20pm today, he will be 8 years old officially!

For Matthew, it’s a hugely exciting occasion, celebrating his birthday. It’s fun and happy and he gets spoilt and treated as though he’s King for a Day! He has a chocolate cake with a big “8” candle on it that he blew out this morning when we sang to him. He took home-made cupcakes to school for his class and teacher. He has a play at school today (just fluke that it happens on his birthday but all the more a treat for him and Joshua). And tonight they are getting taken for a burger and chips at Spur. They LOVE Spur. 😀

For Joshua, it’s exciting too! He also got a little gift to celebrate and he walked around this morning telling everyone at school that it is his brother’s birthday. Proud little boy, my angel Joshua, who no matter how big he gets, will always be the baby one in my heart.

For me, it’s a very emotional and proud day. I reflect back to the day of Matthew’s birth. Arriving at dawn at the hospital for a scheduled c-section, bulging tummy on the morning of Friday, 23rd April 2004. The c-section itself was awful, but meeting my firstborn little baby boy for the first time was a moment no words could ever describe.

He was a big boy, 4.13kgs and 53cm long. He lay all squashed up in an incubator sleeping. I was wheeled up in my wheelchair next to him, opened up the little round window and spoke to him. These 2 beautiful little blue eyes shot open and look straight at me. He knew me!!! It was love at first sight for both of us. Haha, Matt is inseparable from me even now.

A little poem I scrapbooked with… for my Matthew and Joshua too…

“No matter who you become
I will always remember you like today
So forgive me if I struggle
To recognize the man you will become
But I’m just a mom
Trying to hold onto the memory
Of my sweet little boy”.

Apologies as I don’t know who wrote it, but it’s beautiful.

Matthew, I wish you all the happiness in the universe, for now and always. You are my heart and soul and everything in my life revolves around you and Joshua. I love you more than life itself.

Happy birthday my handsome, precious, incredible son. ❤

Two pics, of Matthew at this age and of him at age 6 months old. 🙂

In just under a month’s time

In just under a month’s time

My big boy, Matthew, will turn 7 years old. He is SO excited and of course so am I. 😀

Matthew won’t be having a birthday party this year due to financial constraints, but he has given me a wishlist of what he’d like to receive as a gifts/s. The list goes as follows:-

1. Star Wars Lego (Mommy likes this idea too)
2. A new Beyblade (He already has Dark Bull)
3. A Scooter (the push/ride-on one – nice to get a bit of outside play, and a bike is too expensive)
4. A dvd (he loves movies)
5. A PS2 game (any kids one)
6. A cricket set (I’m trying to teach them how to play cricket)
7. Gogo’s (The latest craze, I even love them)
8. Disney Beado’s – Either Toy Story or Cars (This looks super cute, I also wanna play!)
9. Ben 10 Quickfire game (I think the boys would enjoy this)
10. Bakugan Bakusketcher (hmmm… Joshie would love this more I’m sure, he’s always playing with Matt’s old one that doesn’t work so well anymore)

I’m listing this all here for when Mathew is older, then he can see what he was into when he turned 7 years old. 🙂

So, I obviously can’t get it all, perhaps one or two, depending on the pricing. But watch this space to see what he gets and for birthday photies.

I’ve decided that I’ll take the boys to the beach for Matthew’s birthday, with a picnic. I’ll bake a cake for him too… still deciding on a Gogo’s cake or How To Train Your Dragon cake. I love my boys’ birthdays! I’ll always be a kid at heart, that’s okay with me. 🙂

Tickles and Twinkles

Tickles and Twinkles

I am absolutely blessed and honoured to have been given the gift of motherhood. I gave birth to two incredibly beautiful little boys, Matthew and Joshua, who leave me speechless when I so much as look into their big blue eyes while they tell me they love me. No love can compare to this.

After work last night I lay on the bed and watched cartoons with Matthew and Joshua, while we chatted about the day. I love tickling Matthew, he’s *so* ticklish (just like his mom… sssshhhh!) and Joshua is too, but not as much… he just lies there giggling and wiggling. Matthew actually runs for the hills. I was enjoying having the upper hand when the two of them ganged up together and ambushed me! They tickled and tickled and tickled me so much. My whole body was one huge goosebump! I was screaming and wriggling and the boys though it was HUGE fun! I was not enjoying it, but they were, so I played along. Eventually I had to wave the white flag. Wowee… I still have goosies!

A few minutes later it was bedtime and I took Matthew to bed whilst granny took Joshua to bed. Now, when Matthew was a baby I always used to sing him to sleep… and I can’t sing to save my life, but for some reason, this cute little cherub loved it and I continued to sing him to sleep as he got older. He is turning 7 in April and last night he asked me to sing him to sleep. Whilst laying there thinking of what to sing, he asked for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Just as I was about to sing, he started singing a version that I’ve never heard before. It was so incredibly cute! I recorded him singing it, he sounds rather sleepy though, but listen closely.

I love listening to his cute little voice… aww! After I sang a few songs for him, he drifted off to sleep with a smile on his face, and asking in a little voice “hug me please Mommy”. 😀 My heart is full (As Mozzer sings).

Matt Singing : http://audioboo.fm/boos/281241-matt-singing

Monkey goes to school!

Monkey goes to school!

My monkey-boy, Matthew, started Grade 1 on Wednesday, 19 January 2011. What a huge momentous occasion! Well, I was uber excited and Matthew was jumping around like crazy. So yeah, huge celebration.

I got Matthew ready for school on the morning and then him and Joshua took out Matthew’s baby photo album and paged through it. Certainly not what I needed when I was already on the verge of sobbing, but I put on my “big girl panties” and sucked it up, took the boys outside and made them pose for pictures.

Monkey & Teddy Bear

I know I’m extremely biased, and every parent is, but heck I’ve got gorgeous kids! *puffy heart*

At school, Matthew walked in proudly (and me too *blush*) and we found his classroom, seated him and I proceeded to get more snap happy. Yeah yeah… don’t say it. 😉

This is where I proceed to get soppy… so stop reading now if you’re not in the mood for it. lol 😀

Over 6 years ago, I gave birth to this huge baby of 4.13kgs who was all scrunched up and chubby. He was ill so they had to squeeeeeze him into this poor incubator. Shame poor kid was all squashed up, too cute. 😀 I fell in love, the most intense love ever. And I did it again just over 4 years ago with Joshua, except he didn’t need to go into an incubator and only weighed 3.77kgs. 😉

Some people think kids are too much money and too much time… but thank goodness not everyone thinks/feels that way or else we’d be a pretty bare planet. My boys are huge shining stars in my life. They keep me going, they guide me to the light and happiness, and I’ll never run out of hugs and kisses. They look up to me, cuddle up to me and think I’m wonderful. They keep me grounded and keep me young. With them I can jump on my bed and belt out silly songs, blow tummy raspberries and fall around laughing, lie in the pool and have them clamber over me for hugs, lie in bed reading silly rhymes by Dr Seuss, and I get to watch all the kids movies! I’m the luckiest person for having them and I hope they read this one day and know just how much I love them.

Happy happy 6th birthday to my son, Matthew!

Happy happy 6th birthday to my son, Matthew!

For your birthday on Friday, 23 April 2010:

To my dearest darling Matthew,

 I loved you from the moment I found out that you were growing inside me. When you were born, that love amplified into a love that I never knew I could ever feel. You are my everything and I live each day for you and Joshua. I’ve grown so much with you, seeing the world through your eyes and experiencing new things all over again. Your excitement fuels mine and seeing your eyes sparkle when you smile makes my heart swell in my chest, sometimes feeling as though it’s so big with pride and love for you that it’ll burst right out. Matthew, everything about you is perfect in my eyes and I will always love you. Enjoy your special day my monkey-boy, Mommy loves you so so much. xxx

Yo! Tooth fairy? Get your ass over here!

Yo! Tooth fairy? Get your ass over here!

Matthew has a loose tooth! This is big, no wait, HUGE HUGE-A-MONGUS news in our house! First tooth loose on my first child, what a milestone indeed! Matthew will be 6 in April so I was waiting for a tooth to fall out sometime around 5 or 6 years. 🙂 He is so excited, keeps wiggling it with his finger. The tooth that is loose is his bottom middle right one… lol know what I’m talking about?

So last night we were discussing what exactly comes to fetch the tooth… I said the tooth fairy and that you put the tooth under your pillow when it has fallen out. Riaan says it’s the mouse that collects the tooth and that you have to put the tooth in a shoe. Matthew seems to agree with me though… what did you believe as a kid? I told Matthew that perhaps “Gary The Tooth Fairy” from the Mnet adverts on TV will come. That just cracked him up! I love making him laugh, it makes me laugh and then we all roll around laughing. 😀

This morning when Matthew woke up I checked his mouth and the tooth is still there (thank God he didn’t swallow the thing!) and wiggly. We both got a turn to “wiggle it, just a little bit”… the tooth I’m talking about. I reckon maybe this weekend it’ll fall out? That’s if Riaan doesn’t get all cartoonish and tie the tooth to the door handle with a piece of string and yank it out Matthew’s mouth!!