A great weekend

A great weekend

Human Rights Day falls on 21 March 2011 here in South Africa so that afforded us hard-working citizens a long weekend! Yay! It was absolutely lovely, however very busy. Please allow me to share what shananigans and mischief we got up to.

On Friday night, the boys watched a dvd and I finished reading a great book by Amanda Hocking called “My Blood Approves”. It’s the first in a series consisting of 4 novels. I can’t wait to start the next one. The next morning I did a mountain of washing, hung it up and proceeded to relive the beautiful tale of Cinderella by dressing in some rags and going down on all fours to scrub floors and walls. My knees are still not friends with me.

I made my little boys lunch and then we went for a little outing to the shops with Ouma to get a few essentials. Ouma spoilt the boys with a Gogo Crazy Bones toy each. Lucky little munchkins! When we got home, I embarked on my main weekend project! A braai! Here in South Africa, one of our favourite pastimes is braaiing. A braai is a BBQ, held over an open fire, which is contained in a “braai” stand or Weber. We use firelighters and charcoal, sometimes chopped wood.

I put charcoal and firelighters in the braai and lit the firelighters. They flamed to life immediately and I chased the boys away, paranoid mom lighting a fire in the garden for the first time is not to be taken lightly. Matt and Josh watched excitedly from a distance then started gathering “firewood” (twigs and leaves) to make their own little pretend braai. To cut a long story short, and a lot of fanning, the fire was good and I was able to braai our chicken pieces to perfection. All this whilst making a potato salad and a curried bean salad.

Matt and Josh had such a fun time playing outside in the sand under the trees that come supper time they were so filthy. So I popped them into the bath, scrubbed them til they sparkled (no, not like Edward Cullen) and plonked them at their dinner table to enjoy Mom’s-first-braai-and-not-burnt-offerings. After dinner, I made popcorn and we all settled down to watch Toy Story 3 on Mnet, which sadly didn’t materialise, so we settled on Avatar… yet again. Luckily my boys really like the blue people so I read a book whilst sitting next to them.

On Sunday morning I lay in bed with my boys and we snuggled a bit, played tickles and gave each other lots of hugs and kisses. Well each other meaning them to me and me to them. Matt and Josh aren’t that big on hugging and kissing each other. It’s a love/hate thing. πŸ˜‰ I started preparing lunch while we watched Fantastic Mr Fox on TV. I also prepared a batch of choc/mint muffins for after lunch.

After lunch, Oupa and Ouma took the boys and I on an outing to the Golden Hours Flea Market in Durban North. It was really awesome there. They have a few stalls selling different wares, plus a few little stalls selling food/drinks and a big seating area under the trees for you to relax and watch a singer playing songs on his guitar and computer.

In another huge open section is the play area. There is so much to play on that the boys literally just run in circles trying to decide where to go first! Ouma gave them money to go on a mini Ferris Wheel which was absolutely adorable. And Josh went on an airplane ride. After that we went to the boys’ uncle’s house to have a little visit and swim. A perfect way to end a lovely afternoon. That night, after the boys were fed and bathed and put into bed, I went out with a friend. We went to Galleria for a Dom Pedro and a movie – Red Riding Hood. I had a really lovely time. πŸ™‚

On Monday morning bright and early, I hung up more washing, then packed the boys up as Kerri and her kiddies were meeting us to go to the rockpools at the beach. It was a scorcher of a day, around 34 degrees Celsius, and that’s not including the humidity levels! Luckily it was low tide so the kids all played in the rockpools which were absolutely teeming with life! A man even caught an octopus but thankully let it go back into the ocean after we all had a good ogle at it. We then swam in the big tidal pool which was absolutely FREEZING! Josh clung to me like a little monkey, och, so cute! We didn’t stay too long as the sun was brutal.

For lunch I made the boys Spongebob’s Crabby Patties! Which are actually just plain beef burger patties. πŸ˜‰ They wolfed it down then played outside and watched dvds and I had a snooze under the fan… ahhh bliss I tell you!

That evening I got picked up and taken out to Gateway where we had a lovely dinner at Piatto and walked around Gateway for ages just chatting and having fun. I had a squizz in the tattoo parlour and found some interesting ideas for my next tattoo. πŸ™‚

So here I am at work, back at the grindstone, but fulfilled… it was a good weekend and I got to spend it with very special people. ❀ ya all. xx

She sells seashells at the seashore

She sells seashells at the seashore

Or rather, she shells sheashells at the seasore. Could never quite get that one 100% right. πŸ˜‰ We took Matthew and Joshua to the beach on Sunday afternoon. It was a beautifully blue-skied hot summer’s day and low-tide, perfect for playing in the rock-pools.

We found lobster tails, crabs, fed anemones and tried to catch a few tiny fish. Matthew and Joshua swam in the little rock-pools that were deep enough to be a little swimming pool. The rocks were tricky to walk across as they’re covered in a slippery green mossy type thingie. Lol but yeh we had great fun.

As always, the beach is such a beautiful place to spend the day. The sounds of the ocean mingled with seagulls and the laughter of children brings a person down to the basics of what enjoying life is all about. πŸ™‚

Fun sunny Sunday

Fun sunny Sunday

We visited the Mitchell Park Zoo yesterday with the boys for a picnic. It was a gorgeously sticky hot day but we were determined to get out and have a fun family outing.

Inside Mitchell Park we saw different kids of birds, ducks, swans, monkeys, raccoons, tortoises, turtles, mongoose, flamingos, buck, fowls, peacocks and a wallaby.

Out in the gardens near the play area we picnicked on sandwiches, boiled eggs, salad, chips and juice. Yum yum were we hungry after all that walking. The boys were especially tired because they were riding their little black bikes up and down the zoo and park.

Matthew and Joshua had tremendous fun and were so excited. I, of course, was doused in sand as usual… not from the boys throwing sand on me, but from them being in the sand and giving me hugs and squishes in between their playing. I NEVER turn down a hug from Matthew and Joshua, no matter what they’re covered in. πŸ˜‰

We went a-Zoo-ing!

We went a-Zoo-ing!

Took Matt and Josh to Mitchell Park Zoo yesterday (Sunday) and had such a load of fun. The boys were jumping around like energiser bunnies since 7am when they heard where they were going.

Took their bikes with so they could ride and look at the animals. We saw ducks, geese, different kids of monkeys, tons of birds and parrots, crocodiles, turtles, tortoises, meerkats, mongoose, wallabies, flamingos and more.

We had a mini-picnic inside the grounds then went outside to play in the big park. I threw my shoes aside and the boys and I got stuck into the swings and sand. Here are some pics.

Had a fantabulous weekend!

Had a fantabulous weekend!

It was nothing extravagant, we didn’t go anywhere fancy schmancy, but just being together and spending family time together is worth more than it’s weight in gold.

Thursday and Friday I spent the whole day with Matthew and Joshua. We watched loads of cartoons, read stories, coloured in, and baked a blue square cake with green and purple dinosaur sprinkles on it! What a sight yes! It tasted REALLY good though, just ask my blue monster Joshua. Heheh πŸ™‚

On Friday evening we had a little family braai, and on Saturday Joshua had his swimming lesson. He’s doing really well and his swim teacher is so proud of him. She has taken underwater photos of him and Matthew and put them onto a disc, so I can’t wait to see that. It costs R170 though! Goodness!

On Saturday at noon we took the boys to the library where we hired some kiddy books and 2 National Geographic dvds. NOTE TO SELF: Never watch a great white shark dissection while eating a tuna fish sandwich *gag*. In the evening I made a meat lasagne and we swam at P and J’s house a bit, which was nice and cool after the heat wave.

On Sunday we had hot dogs for lunch while we swam in our little blow up pool, the boys had a blast! Then we all had a nice little nap. Mmm lovely! πŸ˜€

My darling Joshua…

My darling Joshua…

… stuck a wooden ice-cream stick up my left nostril yesterday in the swimming pool. I dived towards him and he swam towards me and shoved the stick right up my nostril. It hurt a bit and I didn’t think anything of it until Riaan yelled “OMG!”. Then I saw all the blood running out, well actually pumping out my nose. Sjoe!

The blood was pooling in my hand and Riaan brought me a towel. An American passerby told me to pinch my nose so I did, and that seemed to help alot. I went to the Necare paramedic nearby. Wow was he helpful.. not!

He lay on the couch with his dark glasses on and barked orders at me what to do. I told him I wanted to blow my nose and I did and this HUGE blood clot came out. This is the only time I felt a bit woozy, then I blew again and another HUGE clot came out. I felt a bit better now and went back to where everyone else was swimming. The blood eventually stopped flowing. What a fright!!

Sunday Family Outing

Sunday Family Outing

Yesterday morning we woke up and decided to take the boys out somewhere nice. Money is really tight, so it had to be somewhere cheap. LOL! I baked some bran muffins and custard biscuits, and the boys decorated the bran muffins with dinosaur sprinkles. They were then named “Dinosaur Chocolate Mud Muffins”. πŸ™‚

Regarding the outing, we decided on either feeding the ducks at the Botanic Gardens, or Mitchell Park, where it costs around R7 for us all to get in… pretty do-able.

Then the thunder and rain started, oh glory. Matthew was not impressed as by now he was quite excited about our outing. Nevertheless, I was determined that we were going OUT! I packed up hot dogs, pasta salad left over from the braai the night before, the Dino Muffins, and a packet of Simba Ghost Pops, juice for the boys and Tab for us.

And the rain stopped.. YAY!! We all piled into the car, complete with the boys’ little black bikes, and off we went.

On the way to “wherever” Riaan mentioned the Maritime Museum at the harbour, so we trekked off there. That outing cost us R6. Thats all! Hey if you want to come to Durban on a budget, I’m the person to speak to! LOL! The boys looked at the boats and Joshie and I walked through inside the boats, Matthew was freaked and didn’t want to go into the boats. Then we looked at the little museum cottage with memorabilia of old shipping days. Very interesting.

It started drizzling lightly with rain, so we went back to the car, piled inside and parked on the edge of the harbour to watch the ships coming in and out. We munched our hotdogs, pasta salad, followed with chips and muffins. The harbour was quite busy and tugboats were zooming around all over ferrying huge container ships in. Joshua giggled so much at the way the tugboats would turn around. Everytime he stuck a ghost pop chip in his mouth he’d hold it up and would say “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”. LOL! The chip looks just like a Mickey Mouse head. Hehe πŸ™‚

After the tummies were full up and the juice was drank, we packed up and strapped the kids into their seats, and off we rode to North Beach for a walk on the promenade. The drizzling had ceased again, yay!

We got to North Beach and took the boys’ bikes out and they rode along the promenade all the way up to the Ampitheatre Fleamarket. There are plenty locals along the beach that make 3D images out of sand and water and they’re so amazing. There are sharks, hippos, the big 5, and much more. It’s fascinating to watch.

We got to the beach cafe where dh and I had a little rest, and the boys played in the beach sand and on the plastic kiddies beach slides etc. They had such fun and didn’t want to leave. Eventually we had to as it was nap time for Joshua. We walked back to the car while the boys rode their bikes, bundled into the car, and took a loooong scenic drive back home.

What a lovely outing. The boys had a blast! πŸ™‚