Breathe Karin! I have so many thoughts swirling around in my head, it’s quite something. ADHD in the brain and not physically. Physically I am totally the opposite. Pity as if I was way more energetic I’d get around to doing more housework and lose some weight in the process. If only hey?

Which brings me to this quote I just stumbled across…

“If you’re not brave enough to take the first step, then you’ll never know how far you can go.”

I want to take the first step, to learning a skill that I can utilise on my own to work online from home.

I had a recent scare with a suspected stroke. My health has taken a serious dive this year. And I miss spending time with my kids. I want to be around them more since the stroke scare, which also resulted in severe anxiety. I’m working through the anxiety well, which I am proud of myself for. Okay I am relying on mild medication to help me through, but I have to work on it as a whole in my personal capacity. There is a light at the end of the dark tunnel.

My next step is to set myself up online from home, assisting people… or businesses with a skill I have. I really want this, so badly. #TrustInGod


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