I remembered something this morning as I was chatting to a friend on FB. I was telling him about how last night I had both Matt and Josh in my bed with me and we were talking and singing songs. It was so lovely to snuggle up with them and talk about silly things or serious things… watch them yawn and smile with closed eyes… tell me they loved me… ask me for a hug, then drift off to sleep. Gosh they’re angelic when they sleep, like angelic dolls. I couldn’t think of anything more perfect.

Then I remembered how, as a little girl, I would snuggle up to my mom at bed time in her bed. She’d be reading a book and I’d be lying next to her day-dreaming about this and that… and my favourite thing would be to ask her to tell me about her wedding day – the day she and my dad got married. She’d sigh and tell me about it and answer my questions. I remember her not entirely enjoying the conversation, but I’d lie there all starry-eyed picturing it all in my head and wondering what my wedding day would be like.

My mom was also a single mom, for many years. My mom and dad divorced when I was around 3 years old. My older brother and I lived with my mom and my mom remarried when I was a teenager. Thinking back, I suppose it hurt my mom to talk about her wedding day, but she always gave in and let me bombard her with questions about it. I’ve never thought to ask her if it was just bad memories… or perhaps she was just tired of me asking about the same old thing all the time.

So I’m wondering if the boys will ever ask me about my wedding day. I have photos at home and they love looking at them. So I guess they probably won’t, seeing that it’s usually a little girl who dreams about her wedding day.

Me on my wedding day in 2003
If I think back, I remember being so in love on my wedding day and so incredibly excited. I also remember all the stress that came with it. Like for instance, the DJ who go lost along the way, and then when he did arrive there his equipment didn’t work. And I did spend a lot of the time feeling incredibly nauseas, only to find out on honeymoon that I was pregnant with Matthew. ❤ So all in all an eventful occasion I'd say!

I've said lately that I'd never marry again. But we truly don't know what the future holds do we?

With that said, I hope that these nights or even days of snuggling up in bed with my 2 little guys never ends… and that we'll always be comfortable enough to discuss our dreams and goals with each other, or even sing silly little songs.

Damn these deceiving eyes of mine

Damn these deceiving eyes of mine

… that keep producing this salty water that runs at random when I’m trying to keep it all together.

This isn’t an angry post. It has been edited quite a bit as it was initially a “snot-and-tears” post. I’m since feeling a heck of a lot better. 🙂

Please… for future reference to all men out there, take heed of the following:-

1. My kids and I come as a package, that’s it. No bargaining or whatever. That’s just it. You want to date me, you date all of me, and that includes my 2 little boys. KAPISH!

2. My kids are going to act up. They’re KIDS! They’re going to get rowdy, run around, get excited, get loud and animated. They’re also going to wrap their tiny little hands around your one finger to stay close to you, or sit on your lap for comfort when they’re feeling a bit anxious. That’s called love.

3. My kids are sometimes going to regurgitate their food. What goes in must come out somewhere! And if they’ve taken a mouthful of something they’re not enjoying, it’ll come out the top. Look away, let me clean it up and laugh it off. It’s NORMAL! You did it too, plenty.

4. Snot… it happens! ‘Nuff said.

5. At the end of a long day, if you’re tired and feel exhausted by these 2 little boys, relax and rest, they will too. And they’ll snuggle up to you and fall asleep, feeling so content and happy and being that much more closer to you. Don’t think that your efforts are wasted. Kids see everything and they’ll love you for giving them your time and attention.

6. My kids do take up a lot of my time when they’re with me. If you want to be with me, they’re going to be with me a lot of the time, so you have to think about whether you want to be in this wholly or not.

7. When my kids are around, my attention is going to be on them a lot of the time. Please don’t think that I’m ignoring you. I know you there and it’s eating me up inside that I can’t be snuggling up with you at that particular moment, but it’s just one of those things. My kids are little individuals who really need me at the moment, and come hell or high water I’m going to be there for them. Just remember that when they’re asleep, you’ll have me all to yourself… and then naughty Karin comes out to play. 😉

These are not rules or guidelines, this is just the reality and truth of my life. My kids ARE my life. I am an individual and I love me for who I am. Also, remember that I also have plenty extra love and attention to give and if you’re willing to go the distance to be with me, you’ll be showered with love and attention and will be allowed to let your inner kid come out to play, as often as you wish (even with me!). My kids come first, if you can accept that and live with it then just know that you’ll come a VERY close second. If not, I’m sorry, but please let me know sooner rather than later. My boys and I love easily and freely and I’d rather save them from as much hurt as I can.

I know this post might seem similiar to a friend’s dating post on her blog… I do draw a lot of inspiration from her (CJ) and she’s an amazing person. Mine is just centered more around my kids and how I’m feeling at the moment. I needed to get this out there. I’m tired of being used. No more. I draw the line here. ____________ (See? I drew the line).

In just under a month’s time

In just under a month’s time

My big boy, Matthew, will turn 7 years old. He is SO excited and of course so am I. 😀

Matthew won’t be having a birthday party this year due to financial constraints, but he has given me a wishlist of what he’d like to receive as a gifts/s. The list goes as follows:-

1. Star Wars Lego (Mommy likes this idea too)
2. A new Beyblade (He already has Dark Bull)
3. A Scooter (the push/ride-on one – nice to get a bit of outside play, and a bike is too expensive)
4. A dvd (he loves movies)
5. A PS2 game (any kids one)
6. A cricket set (I’m trying to teach them how to play cricket)
7. Gogo’s (The latest craze, I even love them)
8. Disney Beado’s – Either Toy Story or Cars (This looks super cute, I also wanna play!)
9. Ben 10 Quickfire game (I think the boys would enjoy this)
10. Bakugan Bakusketcher (hmmm… Joshie would love this more I’m sure, he’s always playing with Matt’s old one that doesn’t work so well anymore)

I’m listing this all here for when Mathew is older, then he can see what he was into when he turned 7 years old. 🙂

So, I obviously can’t get it all, perhaps one or two, depending on the pricing. But watch this space to see what he gets and for birthday photies.

I’ve decided that I’ll take the boys to the beach for Matthew’s birthday, with a picnic. I’ll bake a cake for him too… still deciding on a Gogo’s cake or How To Train Your Dragon cake. I love my boys’ birthdays! I’ll always be a kid at heart, that’s okay with me. 🙂

A great weekend

A great weekend

Human Rights Day falls on 21 March 2011 here in South Africa so that afforded us hard-working citizens a long weekend! Yay! It was absolutely lovely, however very busy. Please allow me to share what shananigans and mischief we got up to.

On Friday night, the boys watched a dvd and I finished reading a great book by Amanda Hocking called “My Blood Approves”. It’s the first in a series consisting of 4 novels. I can’t wait to start the next one. The next morning I did a mountain of washing, hung it up and proceeded to relive the beautiful tale of Cinderella by dressing in some rags and going down on all fours to scrub floors and walls. My knees are still not friends with me.

I made my little boys lunch and then we went for a little outing to the shops with Ouma to get a few essentials. Ouma spoilt the boys with a Gogo Crazy Bones toy each. Lucky little munchkins! When we got home, I embarked on my main weekend project! A braai! Here in South Africa, one of our favourite pastimes is braaiing. A braai is a BBQ, held over an open fire, which is contained in a “braai” stand or Weber. We use firelighters and charcoal, sometimes chopped wood.

I put charcoal and firelighters in the braai and lit the firelighters. They flamed to life immediately and I chased the boys away, paranoid mom lighting a fire in the garden for the first time is not to be taken lightly. Matt and Josh watched excitedly from a distance then started gathering “firewood” (twigs and leaves) to make their own little pretend braai. To cut a long story short, and a lot of fanning, the fire was good and I was able to braai our chicken pieces to perfection. All this whilst making a potato salad and a curried bean salad.

Matt and Josh had such a fun time playing outside in the sand under the trees that come supper time they were so filthy. So I popped them into the bath, scrubbed them til they sparkled (no, not like Edward Cullen) and plonked them at their dinner table to enjoy Mom’s-first-braai-and-not-burnt-offerings. After dinner, I made popcorn and we all settled down to watch Toy Story 3 on Mnet, which sadly didn’t materialise, so we settled on Avatar… yet again. Luckily my boys really like the blue people so I read a book whilst sitting next to them.

On Sunday morning I lay in bed with my boys and we snuggled a bit, played tickles and gave each other lots of hugs and kisses. Well each other meaning them to me and me to them. Matt and Josh aren’t that big on hugging and kissing each other. It’s a love/hate thing. 😉 I started preparing lunch while we watched Fantastic Mr Fox on TV. I also prepared a batch of choc/mint muffins for after lunch.

After lunch, Oupa and Ouma took the boys and I on an outing to the Golden Hours Flea Market in Durban North. It was really awesome there. They have a few stalls selling different wares, plus a few little stalls selling food/drinks and a big seating area under the trees for you to relax and watch a singer playing songs on his guitar and computer.

In another huge open section is the play area. There is so much to play on that the boys literally just run in circles trying to decide where to go first! Ouma gave them money to go on a mini Ferris Wheel which was absolutely adorable. And Josh went on an airplane ride. After that we went to the boys’ uncle’s house to have a little visit and swim. A perfect way to end a lovely afternoon. That night, after the boys were fed and bathed and put into bed, I went out with a friend. We went to Galleria for a Dom Pedro and a movie – Red Riding Hood. I had a really lovely time. 🙂

On Monday morning bright and early, I hung up more washing, then packed the boys up as Kerri and her kiddies were meeting us to go to the rockpools at the beach. It was a scorcher of a day, around 34 degrees Celsius, and that’s not including the humidity levels! Luckily it was low tide so the kids all played in the rockpools which were absolutely teeming with life! A man even caught an octopus but thankully let it go back into the ocean after we all had a good ogle at it. We then swam in the big tidal pool which was absolutely FREEZING! Josh clung to me like a little monkey, och, so cute! We didn’t stay too long as the sun was brutal.

For lunch I made the boys Spongebob’s Crabby Patties! Which are actually just plain beef burger patties. 😉 They wolfed it down then played outside and watched dvds and I had a snooze under the fan… ahhh bliss I tell you!

That evening I got picked up and taken out to Gateway where we had a lovely dinner at Piatto and walked around Gateway for ages just chatting and having fun. I had a squizz in the tattoo parlour and found some interesting ideas for my next tattoo. 🙂

So here I am at work, back at the grindstone, but fulfilled… it was a good weekend and I got to spend it with very special people. ❤ ya all. xx

Snort Sniffle SNORE!

Snort Sniffle SNORE!

I was chatting to a friend on MSN this morning and he said something to me that made me think a bit… yeah I know… I did take 2 paracetamol for the pain. 😉

He said: “ur really sweet, i have no idea why someone hasnt snapped you up”. (sic)

How sweet is that? *blush*

Um sorry, returning to the point, I answered that I think it’s because I’m chubby and I snore. I wonder if it is so. I prefer to say curvy or voluptuous, but let’s just call it what it is, I’m chubby, curvy+, voluptuous uber. I don’t skinny dip, I do indeed chunky dunk. And damn it’s fun!

And yes I snore, not a cute little purring kitten snore. A huge loud roaring snore that rattles the windows!

I guess are the kind of things one leaves off of their Online Dating profile? … Oh dear… oops! 😉